Research Regarding the Quality of Lambs Carcass Resulted from Tsigaia Purebred Compared with Hybrids of Tsigaia Ewes Crossed with Blanc du Massif Central Rams

Mihai Marian BORZAN, Dana PUSTA, Liviu BOGDAN, Alexandra TABARAN, Attila MATE, Ioan PASCA


Abstract: The research aims to compare some qualitative characteristics of purebred Tsigaia lambs and Tsigaia crossed with Blanc du Massif Central lambs. The criteria assessed were: chemical composition of purebred and Tsigaia crossed meat, the live body weight, the slaughtering performance, the weight of different carcass cut. For almost all criteria chosen the crossed individuals registered better results.


carcass, Blanc du Massif Central hybrids, meat quality, Tsigaia

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