reBody Weight Evolution of Tsurcana Pure Breed Lambs and Tsurcana Crossed with Blanc Du Massif Central Lambs (F1)

Ioan PASCA, Dana PUSTA, Liviu BOGDAN, Diana ZAGON, Anca GIURGIUMAN, Alexandra TABARAN, Mihai Marian BORZAN


The Blanc du Massif Central breed is a rustically French meat breed of sheep that was used in crossing with Tsurcana breed in order to improve the quality of local lambs for the European market. After crossing, the resulting lambs were compared with purebred Tsurcana lambs to evaluate daily weight gain from birth to 3 months. The daily weight gain was superior in the crossed lambs compared with purebred lambs.


Blanc du Massif Central, body weight, daily weight gain, Tsurcana

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