Presence of Granular Ducts in Mandibular Gland in Rabbit

Bianca MATOSZ, Flavia RUXANDA, Cristian RATIU, Adrian Florin GAL, Viorel MICLAUS


The present study focuses on the intralobular ducts present in rabbit mandibular gland, from a histological and histochemical point of view. We harvested mandibular gland samples from five rabbits (approximately six month old), which were paraffin embedded and subsequently stained for histological investigation with hematoxylin-eosin. PAS and Alcian blue reactions were used for histochemical assessment. Results show that mandibular gland in rabbit contains one type of acini, namely serous. Concerning the intralobular ducts, there were three types identified: intercalated, granular and striated. Granules present in the cytoplasm of the cells lining the granular ducts appear acidophilic on hematoxylin-eosin staining procedure. Histochemically, granular cells present a moderately PAS positive material (meaning they secrete neutral mucosubstances) and negative staining to Alcian blue reaction (no acid and sulfated mucosubstances were detected). We highlighted the presence of granular ducts in rabbit mandibular gland, which synthesize neutral mucosubstances according to the histochemical reactions applied.


granular ducts, histochemistry, mandibular, rabbit

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