Effect of Lingonberry Extracts on Blood Pressure and Myocardium in Paracetamol Intoxication

Ioana ROMAN, Anca Daniela FARCAS, Vlad Alexandru TOMA


The 15 days of treatment with paracetamol, lingonberry dried extract or hidroalcoholic extract, alone or combined had following effects: blood pressure increases following administration of paracetamol and decreases under treatment with lingonberry extract, more obvious to 3: 1 lingonberry dried extract. Administration of Paracetamol, lingonberry extracts used simple or in combination with Paracetamol does not affect the myocardium histological structure. Histoenzimological there is a slight decrease of SDH activity in the groups P and PLd and an increase in Lha group. CyOx activity is increased in Lha and Ld group.

The dried lingonberry extract has no apparent action on the myocardium instead has antihypertensive properties more obvious than the lingonberry alcoholic extract.


blood pressure, lingonberry extract, myocardium, Paracetamol, rats.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:12626

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