Macroscopic Aspects of the Cranial Mesenteric Artery (Arteria Mesenterica Cranialis) in Chinchilla Lanigera Species

Cristian MARTONOS, Cristian DEZDROBITU, Florin STAN, Alexandru GUDEA, Aurel DAMIAN


In this study we have used 10 carcasses of chinchilla females slaughtered by the owner for commercial purposes. The studied animals have been subjected to an antemortem exam in which the semiological constants like: temperature; breats per minute and pulse were recorded. After the examination the subjects were declared clinically healthy. After skinning 30 ml coloring agent was injected intraluminally and dissection of the cranial mesenteric artery was performed. The first collateral branch of this vessel was the caudal pancreatico-duodenal artery (Arteria pancreaticoduodenalis caudalis), followed by 4-5 jejunal arteries (Arteriae jejunales). The cranial mesenteric artery gives off the dorsal cecal artery (Arteria cecalis dorsalis) as one of terminal branches to supply the haustrated part of cecum, the medial cecal artery (Arteria cecalis media) distributed to the tubular part of cecum (second terminal) and ileocolic artery (Arteria ileocolica)(the third terminal). To the best of our knowledge, our results brings significant information about the blood supply of intestines in chinchilla, that could be a real help for clinicians and researchers studying this topic.


Chinchilla, cranial mesenteric artery, vascular anatomy

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