Management of Repeat Breeding Syndrome in Cows

Mihai CENARIU, Emanuel JOSPE


The aims of this study were to identify the status of repeat breeding syndrome (RBS) in a dairy farm, to establish the main cause of RBS and to reduce the number of RBS using the Ovsynch protocol. 20 cows were diagnosed with RBS using computer analysis of the herd and a specific diagnosis for the cause of RBS was attempted. Subsequently, they were divided into 2 groups: cows in group 1 (n=10) received no hormonal treatment while those in group 2 (n=10) were treated using the Ovsynch protocol. Artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis was performed in all cows. The 70% pregnancy rate obtained for Ovsynch showed that the hormonal effect as well as correct timing of insemination had a significant influence on RBS, pointing out towards the managerial factor as one of the main causes of RBS. The cow factor was also included, as endometritis, follicular cysts and anovulatory heats were diagnosed.


cows, Ovsynch, repeat breeding syndrome

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