First Description of Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia in a Basset Hound



This report represents the first description of tricuspid valve dysplasia in a Basset hound. We evaluated clinical signs, ECG abnormalities and echocardiographic findings related to tricuspid valve dysplasia in a 6 month Basset Hound. A specific protocol of cardiologic examination was performed every time the patient was evaluated. This protocol included: clinical exam, ECG and echocardiographic investigation. The clinical examination identified over the entire period of surveillance a dog with good body condition score (2.5-3/5), alert, bright, being able to take moderate exercise. A 4/6 left heart base systolic murmur was identified at every examination. ECG revealed a sinus rhythm. Echocardiography identified right heart abnormality, with malposition of tricuspid annulus, one leaflet being short and thick and other extremely long with abnormal motion. Due to abnormal morphology of tricuspid valve apparatus a tricuspid regurgitant jet was noted with Color Doppler. The left heart seemed to have normal morphology. An atrial septal defect was also noticed. Further studies need be performed in order to establish if tricuspid valve dysplasia in Basset hound is a congenital or genetic defect.


Basset hound, congenital heart defect, echocardiography, tricuspid dysplasia

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