Carcass Characteristics of Purebred Tsurcana Lambs and F1 Crossbreds (Tsurcana X Vendeen)

Ioan PAȘCA, Adrian CÎMPEAN, Dana PUSTA, Liviu BOGDAN, Emoke PALL, Alexandra TĂBĂRAN, Cristina Laura BOTA, Mihai Marian BORZAN


The data presented in this article is included in a larger research regarding the improvement of the Romanian lamb towards the meat production. The study has been carried out from 2015 to 2016. The lambs included in this study were obtained following a protocol of estrus synchronization in Tsurcana ewes and the grouped lambing. The research is a pilot study conducted on a representative sample for the selected groups of animals and further research is needed to complete the research. The research aims to compare carcass characteristics of purebred Tsurcana lambs and Tsurcana crossed with Vendeen lambs. The criteria assessed were: the chemical composition of purebred and crossbred meat, the live body weight, the slaughtering performance and the weight of different carcass cuts. For almost all criteria chosen the crossbred individuals recorded better results.


lamb carcass, meat quality, Tsurcana, Vendeen

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