Urinary N-Acetyl-Beta-D-Glucosaminidase Index Activity Normal Values in Healthy Wistar Rats

Andrei Răzvan CODEA, Mircea MIRCEAN, Orsolya SARPATAKI, Bogdan SEVASTRE, Gavril GIURGIU, Cristian POPOVICI, Iuliu SCURTU, Daniela NEAGU, Liviu OANA


Reference values have a major importance in describing the diversity of healthy individuals variables. These are population reference ranges (RIs) that comprise 95% of the healthy population. The determination of biological markers, like urinary NAG and creatinine, is considered a simple, rapid and non-invasive method for detecting and monitoring renal tubular function under different conditions. Calculation of the urinary NAG index provides a good estimate of the excretion of the two markers over a 24 hour period. An increase of the urinary NAG index may precede increases in standard parameters used in the diagnosis of renal disease, especially in cases of acute tubular lesions. With the purpose of detecting deviations of the urinary NAG index, this study established the reference values in Wistar rats. Urine samples were collected from 100 healthy Wistar rats, 50 males and 50 females. NAG and creatinine were determined, and subsequently the NAG index was calculated for reference value establishing. The mean value of NAG index was found to be 5.81±1.68 (U / g) for healthy females and 4.10±0.90 (U / g) for healthy males.


reference values, urinary NAG index, Wistar rat

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:005817

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