The Influence of Solar Radiation on the Antioxidant Systems in Blood of Dairy Cows and Their Correlations with Milk Quality and Quantity

Dana PUSTA, Rodica SOBOLU, Sanda ANDREI, Camelia RADUCU, Ioana POP, Alexandra TĂBĂRAN, Oana REGET, Mihai BORZAN, Ioan PAŞCA


The purpose of this paper is to observe if in cattle, exposed to the solar radiation, could be noticed a certain reaction of the organism related to the oxidative stress and its influence on milk quantity and quality. During the hot summer days, when the values of THI exceed 72, the oxidative stress is produced in dairy cows, which is mainly manifested till the cellular level, by the increasing of the antioxidant enzymes activity. There was recorded a direct corelation between the increasing of the antioxidant enzymes level and the increasing of the THI.


antioxidant enzymes, dairy cows, milk quality and quantity, solar radiation

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