Atlanto-occipital Approach for Cervical Myelography in Horse with Spinal Cord Compression

Cosmin PEŞTEAN, Liviu OANA, Cristian CRECAN, Alexandra MUREŞAN, Robert PURDOIU, Radu LĂCĂTUŞ, Ciprian OBER


The aim of this study was to establish a specific interdisciplinary protocol for evaluation of horses with spinal cord compression. A filly was presented with signs of ataxia at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. After neurological examination the presumptive diagnostic was spinal cord compression. Under general anesthesia, the patient was placed for radiological examination in lateral recumbency with head elevated. After antisepsia of cervical region, a Tuohy needle was inserted in atlanto-occipital space and contrast substance was administrated. Radiographic images of the cervical vertebral column were obtained in the neutral, flexed, and extended head positions. The anesthesia protocol was effective, the needle was placed safely in the subarachnoid space and the contrast substance flowed caudally. The obtained radiographic images confirmed spinal cord compressions at the level of cervical vertebrae C3, C4, C5. This working protocol was effective to obtain radiographical images with contrast substance in horses with neurological diseases.


spinal cord compression; horse; myelography

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