D Morar, C Falcă, T Moţ, V Ciulan


The research was made on 67 healthy dogs, of different breeds, aged between 6 mounts and 14 years, brought at University Veterinary Clinics from Timisoara, for medical advice, vaccination or routine consult. The blood pressure was determined by oscilometric method with a special machine for the measurement of arterial blood pressure in cats and dogs. The measurements were made in forearm area, in metatarsal area and at the base of tail using a cuff that has a circumference of 35 – 40 % breadth from the election area. The appreciation of blood pressure was made with the animal standing in sterno-abdominal or lateral position, after a time of accommodation with the place, personal and with the measurement machines. For minimizing the stress the measurements were made in the presence of the owner, after 5-10 minutes of accommodation and after animals were used to wear the cuff in the election area, by repeatable swelling and deflating of the cuff.
The first determination and the results obtained when the animal moved from the initial position were not considered. There were made five measurements for every patient at a interval of 1-2 minutes and after measurements was made the arithmetical mean that was used in statistical processing.
After the statistical processing of arithmetical means for the five determinations made on the clinical healthy dogs were made, the mean results of blood pressure were: 129,93 ± 8,58 mm Hg, for the systolic arterial blood pressure(SAP); 77,85 ± 7,93 mm Hg, for the diastolic arterial blood pressure(DAP); 95,66 ± 18,45 heart beats/minute, for pulse frequency.
It has been ascertained that between the mean arterial blood pressure and age it is
a positive and significant correlation (p<0,05), and comparing the medium average of arterial blood pressure between male and female it was not observed a significant difference (p>0,05).
It was compared the mean arterial blood pressure, in 21 dogs, measured at forearm area, metatarsal area and from base of tail area. There were no significant differences (p>0,05) between SAP, DAP and pulse frequency between election areas.

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