Applied Craniometry for Dog Skulls from the Pecica-„Șanțul Mare” (Arad County) and Sântion (Bihor County) Bronze Age Sites

Xenia POP, Alexandru GUDEA, Aurel DAMIAN


The present study deals with the craniometrical investigation carried on 4 dog crania originating from archaeological diggings dated from Bronze Age in Pecica-„Șanțul Mare”(Arad County) and Sântion (Bihor County). In order to determine the typology of the crania, the classical osteometrical methods were applied, with several cranian point measurements. The cranial, the cranian and facial indices helped us in the morphometrical characterisation of the canid skulls studied. Our results show the prevalence of the mesocephalic individuals in Pecica-„Șanțul Mare” and Sântion.


archaeozoology; bronze age; craniometry; dog; skulls.

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