Paraclinical Investigations in the Pathology of the Urinary System in Dogs

Sabina GHERGARIU, Mariana TĂTARU, Michail DIAKOSAVVAS, Loredana Elena OLAR, Sorin Marian MÂRZA, Nicolae COLDEA, Ionel PAPUC


In the pathology of the urinary system, given its structural and functional complexity, the clinician must correlate the data obtained from the clinical and paraclinical examination. The aim of the study was to identify and apply the most relevant paraclinical methods for establishing the diagnosis of renal disease in dogs and to develop a reliable and easy to use working protocol. The biological material consisted of 25 dogs of different ages and sexes. The conventional and contrast-enhanced radiological examination together with the ecography, spectrofluorimetric analysis, urinary sediment examination, renal biopsy, cytological examination completed the disease information in order to establish a certitude diagnosis. In the management of patients with urinary disorders, the working protocol should include not only the animal anamnesis and a complete clinical examination but also a paraclinical examination which should be used depending on the patient’s clinical manifestations.

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