The Effect of a Social Enrichment Programme on the Behaviour of Dogs from a Private Shelter

Silvana POPESCU, Cristin BORDA, Cristina EL MAHDY, Eva- Andrea LAZAR, Anamaria BLAGA PETREAN, Ioana- Diana CÂMPEAN, Marina SPINU


The aim of this study was the behavior assessment of dogs housed in a private shelter, before and after implementing an intensive social enrichment programme. Using an assessment protocol of provoked and unprovoked behavior, a range of behavioral indicators was recorded in 20 dogs housed for more than two years in the shelter. The data collected was used for computing a quality of life score (QL). After the implementation of the social enrichment programme, 75% of the studied dogs received higher QL scores compared with the initial assessment. At that stage, also a slight increasing in the proportion of the dogs’ positive indicators was seen. No significant difference was recorded when compared the results obtained by the two assessors. The higher QL scores obtained after the enrichment programme prove that such a programme has positive effects on the behavior and on the life quality of shelter dogs.


dog behaviour; quality of life score; social enrichment.

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