An update: Prevalence of rabies in animalsbetween 2010 and 2017in north-eastern Romania

Mihaela- Anca DASCALU, Florentina BOCANETI, Oana TANASE, Elena VELESCU


In order to obtain an overview of the situation of rabies positive cases, but also to establish a true prevalence of the disease among domestic and wild animals, an epidemiological survey was conducted in the north east of the country, targeting the 8 counties of Moldova region,over a period of eight years, between 2010 and 2017. A total of 2306 brain samples coming from animals with suspicion of rabies were received at the laboratories, from which 851 (36,90 %) were represented by domestic animals and 1455 (63,10 %) by wild animals. Following the implementation of the referenced techniques in rabies diagnosis, out of 2306tested samples, 492 (21,36%) were confirmed positive and 1814 negative (78,66%). Out of 1455 samples coming from wild animals, 303 (20,82 %) were confirmed positive, with a total prevalence of 21,32 %, while in the case of domestic animals out of 851 samples, 189 were positive, with a total prevalence of 22,20 %.


epidemiology; rabies; Romania.

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