Angioarchitectonics and Distribution of Common Carotid Artery Terminals in Domestic Rabbit

Costică Toader COVAȘĂ, Alexandru MUNTEANU


The purpose of these investigations was to describe the distribution particularities of the common carotid artery in domestic rabbit in correlation with the data in the field. Researches were performed on 6 domestic rabbits, 4 males and 2 female, aged 1-3 years. The common carotid artery was injected with gelatine suspension coloured with Chinese India ink, followed by its dissection. The occipital and internal carotid arteries are detached together in four cases, or separately in the rest of them, from the dorso-medial part of the common carotid artery. Facial and lingual arteries are detached separately, not together, both of which having a large diameter. The superficial temporal trunk which is very developed and long has a sinuous traject between parotid gland acini where it forms two loops. Nearby its origin, the transverse artery of the face has a curved path due to propulsion and retropulsion movements of the temporo-mandibular joint.


common carotid artery; distribution; rabbit

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