Evaluation of Quality Parameters in Raw Meat Used for Processing in the Fast Food Industry

Alexandra TĂBĂRAN, Sorin Daniel DAN, Oana REGET, Marian MIHAIU


The aim was to evaluate the quality aspects of raw meat destined for processing in fast-food units and to compare it with that of meat obtained in the traditional systems. Our study revealed that the water holding capacity (WHC) in poultry meat obtained in the industrial systems and used for processing in fast-foods is very variable and also very high compared to the one obtained in the traditional systems. When examining sensorially the quality aspects we found that the colour of the poultry meat (legs) is whiter, paler and in the breast areas we noticed a pathology known the “wooden breast”. In the case of pork meat, we obtained similar results, the industrially obtained meat showing a lighter colour and lower consistency. The protein percentage was correlated with the low quality of the meat obtained in the industrial system. Raw meat destined for processing in the fast-food units should be improved given the lower quality revealed. Measures should be taken also in the production units so as to prevent the pathological lesions found, such as “wooden breast” in poultry meat which we found to be very often observed.


colour; wooden breast; protein; pork

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:2018.0035

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