Laminectomy, Surgical Therapeutical Protocol In The Medullar Compression Syndrome Type L3-L4 Discal Extrusion. Case Report

Ionuţ Cristian GÂRJOABĂ, Mihai SĂVESCU


Medullary compression syndrome is a common disorder, especially in chondrodystrophic breeds, causing a variety of symptoms depending on the location of the compression site and the disc extrusion degree (the amount of pulp nucleus invading the medullary canal). The case presented is that of a 6 years-old female cross-breed Pekingese dog, with the symptoms of paraplegia and urinary incontinence, which had occurred 5 days previously, and current deeply painful sensitivity. Imaging Diagnosis (MRI) reveals an important L3 - L4 disc extrusion, with spinal cord reaction, from the middle of the L3 vertebral body to the middle of the L4 vertebral body. Surgical therapy consisted of decompression by dorsal approach (laminectomy) at the compression site L3 and L4. Two months postoperatively, recovery was complete, laminectomy being the surgical technique used predominantly in the therapy of diffuse spinal cord syndromes.


condrodystrophic; discal extrusion; laminectomy; paraplegia

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