Evaluation of the Physicochemical Quality of Raw Bovine and Goat Milk Marketed in the Steppic Region of Djelfa (Algeria)

Mourad HAMIROUNE, Sounia DAHMANI, Zineb KASMI, Abdelhamid FOUGHALIA, Mahmoud DJEMAL


This research was conducted to study the key physicochemical parameters of samples of raw bovine and goat milk collected in the steppic region of Djelfa. One hundred and six samples of raw milk were collected from April 2018 to May 2018, at points of sale and analyzed. The results showed that cow’s milk had 3.66±0.89% fat, 11.4±1.56% solid not fat, 4.35±0.61% protein, 6.35±0.89% lactose and a density of 1.0360±0.0056 with a freezing point of -0.380±0.053 °C. While goat’s milk had 3.43±0.65% fat, 10.2±0.92% solid not fat, 3.88±0.36% protein, 5.66±0.52% lactose and a density of 1.0317±0.0035 with a freezing point of -0.348±0.044 °C. This proves that cow’s milk has a slightly higher physicochemical quality than goat’s milk. In addition, the present study showed that 100% raw goat milk is wet against 97.1% raw bovine milk. This indicates the presence of cases of fraud requiring disciplinary procedures. Moreover, in the majority of the cases, the storage temperatures of the milk far exceed the values recommended by the Algerian standards (+6°C). It is necessary to establish a program of control and popularization of all the actors of the sector in order to improve the quality and the quantity of raw milk produced.


raw milk; physicochemical parameters; fraud detection

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:2018.0050

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