Clinical Relevance of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Dogs (Review)

Cecilia Gabriella DANCIU, Ciprian Andrei OBER, Liviu OANĂ, Laurenț OGNEAN


From the early 20th century, the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis was an invaluable diagnostic process in clinical neurology and later in veterinary neurology. For the clinicians, the CSF analysis provides reliable information about the neurological health and the presence of a disease.
The purpose of this review is to bring scientific evidence and support for the current state regarding the clinical relevance of cerebrospinal fluid analysis in veterinary neurology. The utility of this review is to highlight the canine breed specific diseases in veterinary neurology and the role of CSF analysis for the diagnosis of CSF inflammatory disorders.
The analysis of cerebrospinal fluid represents an important diagnostic tool, which has to be assessed in every neurological patient in order to obtain information about the central nervous system. Moreover, we strongly encourage to step forward with this diagnostic procedure and corroborate with the diagnostic imaging results.


Cerebrospinal fluid; inflammation; cytology; dog.

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