Airborne Bacteria and Fungi Concentration in Relation with Bedding Type in Broiler Houses

Silvana POPESCU, Cristin BORDA, Cristina EL MAHDY, Eva Andrea LAZAR, Anamaria BLAGA PETREAN, Marina SPINU


The aim of this work was the investigation of the effect of bedding type on the airborne concentration of bacteria and fungi in broiler houses. The study was performed in two commercial farms (A and B) with different bedding (chopped straw in farm A, sunflower seed hulls in farm B). The determination of the bacteria and fungi’s numbers was performed in the first and the sixth weeks of the production cycle. Both the concentration of the bacteria and fungi showed higher values in the farm A compared with the farm B, especially in the latter period of the production cycle. In both farms, significant differences (P < 0.05) were recorded between the two periods of the determinations. The results of this study suggest that using sunflower seed hulls as bedding leads to lower levels of microbial contamination of the air in broiler houses, comparing with the use of chopped straw.


airborne bacteria; airborne fungi; bedding materials; broiler houses.

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