Bacterian Species Identification from Raw Cow Milk Sample – A Case Study

Camelia TULCAN, Amandine HORCHOLLE, Simona MARC, Jelena SAVICI, Călin MIRCU, Ioan HUȚU, Sorina POPESCU, Oana Maria BOLDURA


The raw milk can support a wide variety of microbiota, due to its high nutritional content. These microorganisms become from a variety of sources and in farm animals and can cause serious damage by infecting the mammary glands and causing mastitis. The mastitic milk is an important source of disease among the consumers. In this paper, we present a study case of pathogenic bacteria identification by DNA based methods from raw milk samples which were collected from farm cows with severe recurrent mastitis. Previously it was diagnosticated that multidrug resistant bacteria E. coli strains are causing those infections. The laboratory procedure consisted of isolation of DNA from raw cow milk samples, followed by PCR based bacterial identification and DNA sequencing. Data collected from sequencing experiment were aligned against reference sequences from bacterial strains. In our study it was found that Pseudomonas aeruginosa, is present in the mastitic milk samples.


pathogenic bacteria; mastitis; DNA based methods; Pseudomonas spp.

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