The Study of Ectoparasites and Mesoparasites in Turtles (Testudo Graeca Graeca) in the Region of Laghouat (South of Algeria)

Kheira LAKEHAL, Radhwane SAIDI, Nora MIMOUNE, Farouk BENACEUR, Ratiba BAAZIZI, Rachid CHAIBI, Oum Keltoum ADJEB, Khadidja SOUIEHI


This study was carried out in order to identify the different parasites (ecto and mesoparasites) infesting the tortoise Testudo graeca graeca. For this, a population of 24 tortoises was studied from mid-March to May 2018, in the region of Aflou-Laghouat, within two sites: Djellel and Oued Sebgag. The turtles were captured at the time of their activity; sex, age, body weight, total length of the shell and body height were determined. A careful search for parasites has been carried out using various recommended techniques. A total of 126 Hyalomma aegyptium ticks were identified, with an overall prevalence of 71%, an average intensity of 7.4 and an abundance of 5 ticks per individual. The stool examination identified six mesoparasites, namely: Angusticaecum holopterum, Enterobius vermicularis, Strongylus sp, Nematodirus sp, Trichostrongylus sp, Fasciola hepatica. The sex of the host showed a significant influence on the parasitic infestation: the females were four times more infested than the males.


Testudo graeca graeca; turtle; tick; parasite.

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