Muscle Lesions Dynamic and Severity in Acute Rhabdomyolysis in Horses

Viorel MICLĂUŞ, Mircea MIRCEAN, Cornel CĂTOI, Adrian GAL, Iuliu SCURTU, Vasile RUS


There were examined two mixed breed mares that had acute rhabdomyolysis. Necropsy revealed spread areas of acute muscular dystrophy, hypostatic lungs congestion and hyperemia, and myoglobinuria due to nephrosis. In histological samples muscle fibers were hypertrophied and showed sarcoplasm homogenization. Hypertrophied myofibers were necrotized and hyalinized. The majority of myofibers that have degenerative and necrotic lesions with hyaline deposits inside (Zenker hyaline necrosis) were fragmented. Despite of the presence of necrotic lesions local cell reaction degree is quite discreet indicating a fast evolution. Rhabdomyolysis affected only some myofibers not all muscle, which is in conformity with bibliographic dates. In areas with extended myofibers necrosis circulatory disturbances are intense, being accompanied by pronounced interstitial edema. Despite of that the capillaries maintained their structural integrity


horse; rhabdomyolysis; muscle lesion; necrosis

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