Achievement of an Efficacious Human and Companion Animal’s Therapy in Pasteurella Multocida Infections

Simona IVANA, Alexandru BOGDAN, Judith IPATE, Maroti Agots Akos, Alexandru Nicolae POPESCU, Stelian BARAITAREANU


The zoonosis according to The Health World Organization, are defined as being “diseases or infections which are naturally transmitted between the vertebrate animal and man” but this definition is still submissive of some wide debates. The close cohabitation of people with their animals in large areas of the world, often in inadequate conditions, continues to favor the zoonotic infections. The dogs and cats population as pets increased in the whole world. The danger of this kind of zoonotic diseases is increasing, but national and local settlements have been promulgated to establish the places where animals can be accepted and to prevent the environment pollution.


treatment; zoonosis; Pasteurella multocida; antibiotic; epidemiology

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