Researches Regarding Mice Spermatogenesis after Surgical Cryptorchidy

Maria Simona CIUPE, Ioan GROZA, Emoke PALL, Adrian GAL, Mihai CENARIU, L. BOGDAN, Sorana MATEI, Mihai BORZAN, Sanda ANDREI


In most mammals, the testis is always maintained at a lower temperature than in the abdomen, and exposure of the testis to body temperature causes degeneration of germ cells. In this research, the effect of heat exposure on sperm parameters and microstructure of mouse testis were investigated. Cryptorchida mouse were induced by exposure to abdominal heat. Immature mice were anesthetized and a small incision was made in the abdominal skin, then fat pad at the upper end of testis was sutured to peritoneum. Weight of testis, spermatogenic cell numbers, as well as epididymal sperm parameters were measured.
The results showed that spermatogenesis was arrested and testicular weights and epididymal sperm parameters were significantly reduced in the bilateral undescended testis compared with unilateral undescended testis and the control mice. However, complete depletion of seminiferous tubules and absence of germ cells was not found in the animals.
In general, high temperature caused a decreased in all analyzed parameters except spermatogonial cell number probably due to the apoptosis and these changes significantly increase in bilateral groups compared with unilateral groups. We believe that the present model is a suitable for treatment of cryptorchidism and further biological research on spermatogenesis.


: mice, cryptorchidy, testis, spermatogenesis, epididymal

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