Muscular Regeneration After Prosthetic Implants at Abdominal Wall Region in Rabbits

Liviu OANA, Ciprian OBER, Cosmin PESTEAN, Viorel MICLAUS, Cornel CATOI, Adrian GAL


Five female domestic rabbits, aged five months, were surgically approached for implantation of polypropylene prosthetic meshes at abdominal wall level, in a preperitoneal position. After 90 days post-implant, biopsies from implant areas were sampled and processed for histopathological examinations. Microscopic examination revealed processes of muscular regeneration in muscular fascicles from the vicinity of implants, but also in proliferated connective tissue between the implants and muscular fascicles. We believe that myoblasts identified within the muscular fascicles appeared because of satellite cells and those from connective tissue from stem cell existing in the area.


muscular regeneration, prosthetic implant, rabbit, satellite cell, stem cell

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