Pollution of soil and water with lead, zinc and cadmium in Copsa Mică area

Nechita Adrian OROS, Lucian FÂRCAL, Anca CHEREJI


Pollution by heavy metals in the area Copşa Mică, affected both levels of the soil (surface and depth). Over time, they accumulated in the soil, thus constituting a threat through cumulative effects, the remanence and reduced possibility of natural depollution. The data are information from reports of Environmental Protection Agency from Sibiu, environmental reviews of the agency or other sources. In terms of soil pollution with heavy metals, the major polluter is a company profiled in the production of metals (Pb, Zn) from mining products. The surveys that have been conducted regarding the soil pollution in Copşa Mică - Mediaş area, show the seriousness of the heavy metal pollution and its effects on agricultural land and indirectly on forest and biological systems. Increasing the distance from the pollutant source, the pollution intensity decreases, the concentration of metals are below the threshold for intervention but higher than normal values. Due to historical pollution (over 60 years) and a present pollution in Copşa Mică, the area is affected by air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, degradation of the quality of vegetation and the possible risk for the health of animals and people in the area. Analysis of water samples show higher concentrations of heavy metals downstream of the polluter factory compared with the samples from upstream.


lead; zinc; cadmium; environmental pollutants, soil, water

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:66:2:4235

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