Expression of 2-nd Receptor of Tumor Necrosis Factor Cytokine (TNFR-II) in Canine Mammary Neoplasms

Adrian GAL


Actual study proposes an actual and controversial theme in oncology, such as
expression and distribution of TNF cytokine 2-nd receptor in canine mammary cancer, and its
involvement in cancer progression and prognosis. TNFR-II was evaluated by LSAB
immunohistochemistry technique using anti-TNFR-II marker. Tumor malignancy was appreciated
using histology grading (I to III), mitotic index, nuclear grade, tumor size, and histology type. In the
study were elected benign and malign canine mammary tumors. Distribution and localization of
TNFR-II was restricted in both inflammatory cells from the sustaining stroma of studied tumors
(macrophage, lymphocyte), and in cancerous epithelial or myoepithelial cells. Obtained dates
demonstrate a direct relation between histologic grade and TNFR-II expression; TNFR-II had a lower
expression in benign and differentiated grade I canine mammary tumors (cancerous epithelial and
myoepithelial cells), and a higher expression in poorly differentiated ones (grade II cancers).


TNFR-II, TNF, bitch, cytokine, necrosis

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