Water Quality as Sturgeons’ Welfare Indicators in a Farm from the Center of the Country



Sturgeons can both make upriver migrations for spawning and downriver for
developing and wintering. The importance is related to their meat, roe and the use for Danube Delta
repopulation. From a sturgeon farm are harvested water samples from three checkpoints. From the
samples there were analyzed physical chemical parameters and microbiological ones. The physical
chemical parameters are determined by using Spectroquant Nova 60 photocolorimeter and the
micriobiological parameters by cultivation on dehydrated (dry) media. The results interpretation was
done according to reference values from literatures for sturgeons and to provisions of the 161/2006
Order of the Environment and Water Resources Management Ministry. Following the researches can
be concluded that the fish welfare in the assessed farm are medium, because of the water high
micriobial load and of the exceeding of the nitrates and sulfates among the chemical parameters.


sturgeons, quality parameters, water, welfare

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:67:1:5937

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