Antitumor Effect of Coriolus versicolor Queil Alcoholic Extract



Coriolus versicolor Queil is a mushroom traditionally used in Asian herbal
remedies. In the present study, C. versicolor alcoholic extract was tested on Ehrlich Ascitic Carcinoma
(EAC) model. The experiment was carried out on 30 white Swiss male mice, 106 EAC cells / animal
i.p. Animals were divided in three equal groups; first group (C. versicolor + EAC group) received in
the day 1, 4 and 7 - 50 ml sol./kg b.w. C. versicolor 1:10. The second group was the EAC group and
the last group (Doxorubicin + EAC group) received i.p. Doxorubicin cloride 2.5 mg/ kg b.w. in day 6
of experiment. Other 30 animals were subject of administration of mushroom extract, control and
Doxorubicine chloride alone in the same doses, at the same time. C. versicolor alcoholic extract
provides the significant increase in white blood cells, and the platelets as compared to control. The
survival rate was also higher in treated groups, and the extract was able to prevent in a significant
manner the increasing in the body weight do to accumulation of the ascitic fluid. C. versicolor
reduced, also, the ascitic volume and cellular concentration of the ascitic fluid, but not statistically
significant. C. versicolor alcoholic extract revealed a considerable antitumoral activity, along with the
safety profile; therefore C. versicolor is recommended for further studies, in other to find new
remedies in complementary cancer therapy.


Corioulus versicolor, Ehrlich Ascitic Carcinoma, mice, Doxorubicine, body

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