Watering Management of Cow Farms in Transylvania

Cristin BORDA


Water is one of the main environmental factors that deeply influences all living
creatures. Water is the solvent and vehicle for most biogenic substances and the medium for
the main biochemical reactions.
The present study aims at tackling watering management in cow farms in
Transylvania. The research was carried out in 7 farms from Braşov, Mureş and Satu-Mare,
and the results can be seen in the following table:
In three of the farms under study (farms A, D and F) the animals did not have plenty
of water, which may decrease production and modify the health state. At the same time, two
of the farms (A and F) did not have their own water source, the first being filled from a rented
well nearby and the second from the public network. In farm G, the water coming from their
own water source was insufficient, which led to the necessity of supplying additional
quantities from a distance of 2 km. Two of the farms did have facilities destined for water
storing in overground tanks („watre castle”) in farm E, and in underground tanks in farm G.
As watering management was considered to be inappropriate in farms A, D, F and G,
recommendations for improvement have been put forward in the case of these particular
This study was supported by the National University Research Council (CNCSIS) as part of
the project PN II-ID-PCE No. 1095/2009


watering, management, farms, cows, water source.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:67:1:5985

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