Amino Acid Concentration in Normal and Subclinical Mastitis Milk

Sanda ANDREI, Monica CULEA, Sorana MATEI, Adela PINTEA, Ioan S. GROZA


The aim of this study was the evaluation of amino acid concentration in milk collected from cows with sub clinical mastitis compared with healthy cows. A first step was the diagnosis of mastitis, using the method based on electrical conductivity and also the determination of milk somatic cells number. Next, in all milk samples, we determined the concentration of total amino acids and the variations that occur between different types (essential and non-essential amino acids). Total amino acid content increased significantly in mastitis milk, compared to normal (mean values were 619,82±76,02 g/ml for normal milk and 12073,06±5.564,14 g/ml for the subclinical mastitic milk). In mastitis milk samples is an increase in the percentage of lysine, tyrosine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, glycine and alanine. Simultaneously, there were decreases in percentages of glutamic acid, ornithine, aspartic acid, methionine, proline, serine and threonine. For phenylalanine, no significant changes were observed.

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