Prophylaxis of Imune Deficiencies and Neonatal Diarrhea Syndrome Among Sucking Piglets by Administration of Organic Selenium (Sel-Plex)



In this study, it was investigated the action of the Sel-Plex product that was included in the combined forage for milking swine and sucker piglets. There were investigated 10 parturient swine and 101 piglets of 1-42 days.
It was concluded that the addition in basic ration of organic selenium has a benefic effect for swine growing and development that was expressed through:
 mortality and neonatal diarrhea reduction, weight increase with 2.5 kg for the swine treated with Sel-Plex (P<0,05);
 significant increase of the total number of T-lymphocytes (P<0,001), of the subpopulation of active T-lymphocytes (P<0,01) and of B-lymphocytes (P<0,01).
The postive action of the products is show at the level haemotopoiesis by increasing erythrocytes and hemoglobin (P<0,01) an dat the level of antioxidant system by reducing the level of DAM (Malonic dialdehyde ) and increase of TAA ( total antioxidant activity ) in blood serum.

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