In vitro Susceptibility of Prototheca Species to Antifungal Agents

Cosmina BOUARI (CUC), Cornel CĂTOI, Nicodim FIŢ, Sorin RĂPUNTEAN, Pompei BOLFĂ, Marian TAULESCU, Adrian GAL, Flaviu TĂBĂRAN, Andras NAGY, Gabriel BORZA, Raouad MOUSSA, George NADĂŞ


Prototheca sp. can assume high economic significance in the dairy industry and pose a potential risk for the public health. Studies on the susceptibility of Prototheca spp. to antimicrobials have demonstrated its high level of resistance. We investigated the in vitro susceptibility of ten Prototheca zopfii isolates retrieved from mastitic milk and one P. wickerhamii referent strain, from American Type Collection using MIC Test Strip. P. zopfii isolats showed susceptibility to MIC between 1,5-4 μg/mL for ketoconazole, and between 1,5-3 μg/mL for amphotericin B. In contrast P. wickerhamii strain prouved to be efficient to a MIC of 2 μg/mL in case of ketoconazole and 0,75 μg/mL for amphotericin B. Both species tested showed to be resistant to itraconazole.This study demonstrates different in vitro susceptibility patterns of P. wickerhamii and P. zopfii, reinforcing the necessity for more investigation into drugs that can be used with clinical efficacy.

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