The Discriminative Macroscopical Identification of the Bones of Sheep (Ovis aries), Goat (Capra hircus) and Roe Deer (Capreollus capreollus). 1. Elements of the Forelimb Skeleton

Alexandru GUDEA, Florin STAN


In order to establish some clear morphological data a number of 7 modern roe deer (capreollus capreollus) specimen skeletons have been carefully studied. The specimens originate mainly from road casualties or hunted specimens of roe deer individuals, as well as from numerous osteoogical specimens which are found in the comparative collection of the Anatomy Department (sheep/goat specimens). All skeleton fragments belong to individuals with known age and gender. All the significant morphological data were collected and marked in order to create a useful database and a working tool for the forensic specialists or veterinary anatomists. Important discriminative morphological aspects were noted in case of the scapula, humerus, radius and ulna as well as in the case of the metacarpals.

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