The Influence of the BioR Remedy Administration on the Prooxidant (oxidant) – Antioxidant System Parameters in Broilers

Vasile MACARI, Victor PUTIN, Valentin GUDUMAC, Valeriu RUDIC, Ana MACARI, Natalia PAVLICENCO


The purpose of the research was the complex study of the BioR remedy effects investigation on broilers health and productivity. The tested BioR remedy produced in the Republic of Moldova is obtained through modern technologies from Spirulina platensis.
The study was made in production conditions and involved 5 lots of broilers (1 control lot and 4 experimental lots), 30 broilers each. The remedy was administrated twice: on the 9th and on the 21st day of life in different doses to each lot while the broilers from the control lot were injected saline. The main purpose of our research was to highlight the effects of this drug on the prooxidant (oxidant) – antioxidant system markers and in order to evaluate them were studied the values of some bioproductive indices. The study results revealed that the BioR remedy tested on broilers is well tolerated, reduces the intensity of the oxidant stress which shows in the increase of the malon – dialdehide (MDA) level in serum and in the intensification of the antioxidant system and of other biochemical indices that in general are reflected by higher values of the bioproductivity in the lots treated with BioR.

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