The Therapeutic Efficacy of Some Blood Products for Transfusion in Dogs and Cats

Meda MOLDOVAN, Laurent OGNEAN, Iancu MORAR, Sergiu IANCU


Currently the international development of veterinary transfusion medicine has an increasing tendency. The objectives of this study were to demonstrate the efficacy of blood products therapy and the low incidence of transfusion reactions. A number of 22 patients (19 dogs and 3 cats) were included in this study during 2009 to 2011. These patients received blood component therapy (fresh whole blood-FWB, erythrocyte concentrate -EC or plasma) in the Emergency Hospital (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Cluj Napoca) and some private clinics, based on clinical and/or hematological parameters and they where monitored a variable period of time. The patients diagnosis were: hypovolemic shock, external or internal hemorrhage, parvovirosis or intussusception with clinically hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis, babesios, septic shock, acute renal failure, chronic renal failure, coagulopathy. Blood component therapy conducted to the clinical recovery of 45% patients. The posttransfusion increase of the basic blood parameters (erythrocytes number, hematocrit, hemoglobin) were statistically significant and support the efficacy of transfusion with FWB or EC. The cessation of small bleedings, in the first 24 hours after transfusion with FWB and plasma and restore of the bleeding and clotting time at the physiologic values in the next 24 hours, shows the efficacy of these blood products transfusion in coagulopathies with clinical manifestation. Transfusion therapy with compatible blood products appropriate to a specific disease in dogs and cats could be lifesaving in several emergency situations, especially when it is performed in time and is based on the corroboration of the clinical and hematological data of the patient.

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