Histological and Macroscopical Study of Horse Melanoma

Raouad MOUSSA, Bogdan SEVASTRE, Marian TAULESCU, Pompei BOLFĂ, Adrian GAL, Flaviu TABARAN, Andras NAGY, Cosmina CUC, Gabriel BORZA, Cornel CATOI


The Equine Melanoma occurs at the level of pilose follicles. Cells have a melanic content; they are either fusiform or dendritic, about 30 microns in diameter. Materials and methods: 11 melanic tumors were diagnosed by H&E. results: cells were spindle in 6 cases and dendritic in 5 cases, mitosis was medium in melanoma and low in melanocytoma, necrosis was more bigger in melanoma than melanocytoma, infiltrated lymphocytes were medium and absent in melanoma, all cases in 4,5 Clark’s level. Conclusion: melanic tumors were multiply nodules. The majority malignant melanomas were spindle type cells with some cases were dendritic type cells. The relationship between infiltrated lymphocytes and necrotic zones was inverse legation with mitotic index, it means the aggressive rate increase with reduced infiltrative lymphocytes and extend necrotic zones and inversely.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:1:68:6773

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