Results Regarding Body Weight and Average Daily Gain in Turcana and Crossbred Suffolk x Turcana Lambs

Doina POPA, Mariana RUSU, Ioan PADEANU, Dorina COTIRLEA, Sorin VOIA, Doina SPRINJEAN, Constantin BOZDOG


In order to improve meat production in Turcana sheep breed through crossbreeding, an experiment was carried out in the Institute for Research and Development of Mountain Science Cristian-Sibiu, study in which ewes from the indigenous Turcana breed were crossed with Suffolk rams, a breed specialized for meat production. There were two groups of lambs, a group consisted in Suffolk x Turcana crossbred lambs (10 females and 10 males) and a group of pure Turcana lambs (10 females and 10 males). The results showed that at birth, at weaning, at 70 days, 6 months, 12 months and 18 months both body weight and average daily gain were significantly (p <0.001) higher in Suffolk x Turcana crossbred lambs by 15.4 - 29.30%, compared with Turcana lambs. There is a suggestion that Suffolk x Turcana crossbred lambs have better performance for meat production.

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