The Influence of the BioR Remedy on the Protein Metabolism of Broilers

Victor PUTIN


The problem of using the growth stimulators on animals has been aggravating especially after the ban of antibiotics as growth stimulators in the EU since 2006. The aim of our researches was mainly the complex study of the BioR Remedy, obtained from Spirulina Platensis and produced in the Republic of Moldova. The experiment involved 5 lots 30 broilers each. 4 experimental lots received intramuscular administration injections of the BioR remedy, two times in a row, on the 9th day, in doses of 0,3-0,6 ml\broiler and the second time, on the 21st day, in doses of 0,4-1,0 ml/broiler, while the broilers from the control lot were injected 0,4 and, respectively, 0,6 ml/broiler saline. The biochemical results we came to revealed the fact that this product intensifies the protein metabolism, it being confirmed by higher values of total protein in blood and the albumin fraction so the albumin-globulin ratio has better results in the experimental lots. At the same time has been proved an increase of creatinine in blood in the broilers from the experimental lots, value that shows the state of the protein metabolism. In parallel, at the experimental lots has been revealed a weak trend of ceruplasmin decrease in serum, indices that directly show the intensification of the metabolic processes of the young broilers’ organism. These good biochemical results are reflected and in the bioproductive indices of the broilers from the lots tested with the BioR Remedy.

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