Mycotoxins – Risk Factors for Human Health

Violeta-Elena SIMION, Nicoleta CARASTOIAN, Alina IONIȚĂ, Mădălina GEORGESCU, Adriana AMFIM


Of the many types of fungi that produce mycotoxins, Aspergillus and Penicillium are the ones considered to be extremely harmful for human and animal health. The research followed the qualitative and quantitative analysis of OTA in 10 serum samples obtained from patients undergoing dialysis in a clinic in Bucharest. Mycotoxicological analysis was performed by immunoenzymatic method ELISA, using R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN Ochratoxin A 30/15 test kits. At the same time, at the examined patients, has also be conducted an investigation regarding nutrition. Was aimed obtaining information regarding the frequency of consumption of several types of food, some having a high risk of contamination with mycotoxins. Daily and weekly consumption of products with a high risk of contamination is high for cereals, spice mixtures of condiments, tea and coffee. Out of the analyzed serum samples, 60% of them were contaminated with OTA, with values ranging between 49.94 ppt and 128.00 ppt.

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