The Assessment of Dietary Risk Factors Based on Therapeutic Recommendations in Cardiovascular Disease

Crina CORBEANU, Marian MIHAIU, Sorin Daniel DAN, Romolica MIHAIU, Carmen JECAN, Alexandra LAPUSAN


Lifestyle can be an important risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease, theleading cause of death in industrialized nations. The research was based on a semi-quantitativequestionnaire containing questions about the socioeconomic status, physical activity, smoking, alcoholconsumption, use of medication, personal history of the disease and diet habits. The statisticalinterpretation of the results was based on specific coefficients: r - relation coefficient; r2 -determination coefficient; p - probability. In as far as the correlation between sex and disease rate wasconcerned, strong correlations were identified (r=0.891 for the males and r=0.732 for women). Thedetermination coefficients were also high, 0.892 and 0.789 (p<0.001). High correlations are observedregarding alcohol consumption and diseases (r=0.721). Fats consumption shows weak correlation withthe occurrence of diseases, although they have an important role in the lipid metabolism disorders.Regarding the consumption of milk and dairy products, no significant correlations were observed withthe occurrence of illness. With regard to salt intake, moderate values were recorded. Changes in manypatterns of individual behaviour are necessary in a large majority of people. Though, there are seriousgap between recommendations for cardiovascular prevention and behavioural chances.


diet, recommendations, cardiovascular disease, risks factors, prevention, food frequency questionnaire

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