Ultrasonography, a Modern Tool for Pregnancy Diagnosis and Identification of Fetal Structures in Domestic Buffaloes

Ioan GROZA, Grigore TOMAI, Mihai CENARIU, Simona CIUPE


Due to extensive breeding and natural mating, management decisions regarding pregnantdomestic buffalo dams is very poor, resulting in low reproductive parameters and subsequently in lowproductions.The aim of this study was the implementation of ultrasonography for early pregnancydiagnosis in domestic buffalo as well as the ultrasonographic visualization of fetal buffalo structures indifferent stages of gestation, identification of viscera, skeleton lines, and comparative echogenity ofthe same tissue in different fetuses. A DP 2200 Vet ultrasound scanner was used in order to assesspregnancy status as well as fetal structures in female buffalos, beginning with the 27th day afterinsemination.Out of 24 females that were inseminated 22 (91.66%) were diagnosed as pregnant, between 27and 40 days after insemination, while 2 (8.33%) were assessed as non-pregnant. In the pregnantfemales, the fetal abdominal cavity, limbs, gastric vesicle, umbilical cord, ribs, heart, liver, gullbladder, head and placentomes were described by ultrasonography. The minimum age for ultrasoundpregnancy diagnosis in domestic buffalos was established at 27 days, while various fetal structurescould easily be identified and described between 40 and 90 days of pregnancy.


ultrasonography, pregnancy, fetal structures, domestic buffalo

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:69:1-2:8864

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