Observations Regarding the Effect of AD (DIEE) Type Biophytomodulators on some Glucidic Energetic Precursors during Muscular Exertion in Horses

Mircea MIRCEAN, Ancu DINCÄ‚, Liviu OANA, Cosmin PEȘTEAN, Ciprian OBER, Lucia BEL, Răzvan CODEA, Daniela OROS, Cristian CRECAN


Achieving a balance between maximum performance and health preservation is afundamental desire of sport horse medicine. Endurance is the measurable result of some morphofunctionaladaptations of the main effectors that support exercise. Rigorous experimental studiesproved that only the skeletal muscle is able to significantly improve performance through training.Lactic acid, the major metabolite of anaerobic conversion of glucose into ATP, is an accurate indicatorof the level of training of skeletal muscle.The purpose of this study was to observe the influence of AD (DIEE) typebiophytomodulators on blood lactate and glucose levels. The research was conducted on 10 sporthorses trained for obstacle jumping. Lactate and glucose blood levels were measured before and afterexercise, using the same biological material for the control group (without AD devices) and theexperimental group (with AD devices). Investigations were conducted using the PREMIER GEM3000 analyzer. The effort in the test exercise determined a statistically significant decrease of theblood glucose (p <0.05) and lactate levels (p <0.01), as a result of the direct action of the AD (DIEE)type biophytomodulators.


lactate, glucose, horse, biophytomodulator

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:69:1-2:8867

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