Severe Gallbladder Hydrops (Mucocel) Following Obstructive Cholangioma (Biliary Adenoma) in a Cattle

Flaviu Tabaran, Pompei Bolfa, Andras Nagy, Marian Taulescu, Adrian Gal, Cosmin Bouari, Gabriel Borza, Adriana Florinela Catoi


This article describes a case of obstructive cholangioma (biliary adenoma) followed by  severe hydrops (mucocelle of the gallbladder) in an adult bovine. The animal, a six year old female, crossbred cattle, was presented to the necropsy following an acute episode of postpartum septicemia. At necropsy the cholecyst was overdistended, with thick walls and field with 2 liters of  clear-mucous content. Proximal to the emergence of the common bile duct, a well-circumscribed,  sessile, cauliflower-shaped  tumoral mass messuring  4/6 cm, obstruction to bile flow was identified. Cholangioma (cholangiocellular adenoma, biliary adenoma) was histologically diagnosticated bassed on the well-differentiated gland-like structures of the tumor, containing  papillary projections covered by cuboidal and prismatic epithelium immunohistochemically positive at cytokeratin 19. In the rest of the gallbladder wall mucinous hyperplasia and discreet mononuclear inflammation was noticed. In this study we described, from our knowledge for the first time in cattle, a case of gallbladder mucocel due to obstructive cholangioma.


cattle gallbladder hydrops, gallbladder mucocel, obstructive cholangioma

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