Identification of Polymorphism in Goat and Sheep DGAT1 Gene Associated with Milk Production Traits

Alexandra TABARAN, Marian MIHAIU, Sorin Daniel DAN, Oana REGET, Bogdan PIVARIU, Ionut CORDIS, Darius CORDEA, Carmen MURESAN


Diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 (DGAT1)  is considered a key marker in milk production traits at bovines. Recently, several studies were conducted on sheeps and goats to reveal possible single nucleotide polymorpshims (SNPs) that might influence the production and could help in individual selection. The study was conducted on 50 ewes from the Turcana breed and 60 goats from the Carpatian breed rasied in Transylvania mountain area. The method applied was PCR-RFLP with AluI enzyme. The results revealed no polymorphism in exon 14-16 at Carpatian goats, leading us to the conclusion that sequencying should be applied as method for further SNP detection. In exon 17 a previously reported mutation (C-T) was identified and three corresponding genotypes (CC, CT and TT). No statistically significant differences were found among these three genotypes in what concerns the fat percent in milk. We concluded that further investigations are needed in DGAT1 gene to detect possible SNP associated with milk production traits in these species.


DGAT1, genotypes, milk, sheep, SNP

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