Antitumor Activity of New Copper Complexes on Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma In Vivo

Bogdan Sevastre, Ioana Bedecean, Orsolya Sarpataki, Roxana L. Stan, Marian Taulescu, Ioan Marcus, Adriana C. Hangan


Despite certain progresses, cancer remains a major cause of death for both humans and companion animals, world wide. Chemotherapy is the treatment of choice for many cancer types, but it has important limitations because of lack of specificity and numerous side effects, therefore finding new cytostatic compounds represent a very active research field. Nowadays, a number of cooper complexes have shown an anticancer effect but the pharmacokinetics and mechanisms are not fully elucidated yet. In the present study we evaluated the anticancer potential of one new synthesized copper complex using a transplantable tumor model on laboratory mice. The tumor model of choice was Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma inoculated intraperitoneally in female Swiss mice. The investigation was focused not only on antiproliferative parameters as body weight gain, volume and cytological characteristics of ascitic fluid, tumor cell concentration and viability but also on the assessment of side effect of tumor growth on general health status. The cooper complex showed an acceptable degree of toxicity in preliminary studies. It was responsible for an inhibition up to 80% of body weight gain, and prevents the accumulation of the ascitic fluid up to ten fold. The tumor cell concentration was consequently decreased by 18-fold, but the cooper complex did not seem to influence the cell viability. The hematological parameters and peritoneal cytology revealed also significant changes in response to therapy. The new synthesized cooper complex showed promising results; it was able to prevent the tumor growth and consequently it seems to improve the body health status. This represents a promising starting point for further studies dedicated to create new anticancer molecules.


Cooper complexes, anticancer properties, Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma

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