Actualities regarding obtaining ecological dairy products

Rodica Somesan, Laurentiu Ognean, Sebastian Tranca, Adrian Vasiu, Radu Harsan


Obtaining ecological products in general and especially ecological dairy products provide a major food industry perspective, which became a common concern for authorities, producers, processors and consumers. The accumulated arguments fully justify the need for further research in this segment of the food industry in order to verify the general requirements necessary to obtain ecological products and their implementation among producers and processors of raw milk. In this paper, the research focuses on ecological products, it is intend to review the requirements for obtaining the certification of ecological dairy products and verify their implementation in a private processing company. In order to implement the procedures and requirements set for the production of ecological dairy in a processing unit in central Transylvania were performed extensive documentation on European and national legislation. The research was aimed at studying the regulations issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Agriculture through the Department of ecological and traditional products, documentation provided by some processing plants nationally accredited for ecological farming, Bio România Association respectively some producers and processors of ecological products. The consulted regulations were the basis for the analysis of raw milk and ecological dairy products obtained in a processing pant in the mountainous region of Mureș County. Following the documentation and investigations was identified the possibility of ecological farming in our country in general and especially the central area of Transylvania. The analysis of raw milk and dairy products samples revealed that they fully comply to food safety and ecological products standards. In Romania, ecological farming is still an insufficiently explored and widespread segment, despite its great potential. Small producers that represent the main source of ecological raw materials do not possess enough information in order to develop this type of agriculture. The obtained data shows that ecological products processing branch can have high applicability and functionality in many areas of our country, which encourages the expansion of its implementation in various sectors of production and processing.


raw milk, dairy products, eco standards, mountain area, organic products

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